Friday, 16 October 2015

Decades of war and conflicts can not erase the great entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Afghanistan

If not over three decades of war and conflict, thanks to its natural resources, its strategic location, and its great entrepreneurial spirit affirmed by establishment of one of the oldest Chamber of Commerce of the World 80+ years ago, Afghanistan would have boasted the status of Emerging Market. Over two decades of conflict and war put the Country’s economic in a stalled condition, but they could never erase the significant role of Afghanistan in the trade arena.
The economic sector in Afghanistan has experienced noticeable progress in the last years, especially considering the condition of extreme decay and the devastation caused by decades of war and isolation. Conflicts and war have not affected the traditional Afghan entrepreneurial spirit. Sectors such as mobile telephony (more than 18 million mobile phone users), airline companies, and the fragile but rapidly growing banking system have considerably improved. The Afghan capital Kabul and the main cities of the Country are filled with significant signs of commercial activity; a huge operation of renovation and construction of new infrastructures is underway; the agricultural sector, a fundamental means of livelihood in Afghanistan and the main economic activity of the Country, boasts operators who are developing it quickly and in accordance with the best international standards. Sectors of textiles and handicrafts spread another positive and significant sign of economic progress. Natural beauty of the Country and the traditional hospitality of the Afghan people began to attract foreign tourists again; considerable investments in the Hotel industry have already kicked off, and many foreigners have already chosen Bamyan province of Afghanistan as their favorite place to do trekking. Afghanistan has the potential to become again the bridge between Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and already offers considerable opportunities to foreign investors.

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