Thursday, 4 May 2017

Special representative of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan said that Afghan Government has made plenty efforts on ensuring peace and stability

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received the special representative of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser, Tuesday morning (2 May 2017), Presidential Palace. The two discussed struggles against terrorism, narcotics and issues pertaining to Afghanistan and the region. The President said that narcotics is not only an Afghan problem, but rather an international problem. He said that Taliban and other terrorist groups want to concentrate on those areas where poppy cultivation is most extensive. The President added that the international community should put up joint efforts to eradicate the production, processing and smuggling-networks of narcotics. President Ghani said that heavy casualties have been afflicted on Taliban and other terrorist groups. Recently, a number of their commanders have been killed. The President said, “The Government is committed to timely conduct of presidential elections without any delay and we have parliamentary elections this year.” President Ghani said that the Afghan Government is committed to ensuring peace and stability in the country and that peace agreement with Hezb-i Islami stands as an example of this commitment. He added that since enduring peace in our country is our fundamental demand, our door of peace is open to all those Taliban who are ready for peace. The President also talked about the efforts made by the Afghan Government on fighting corruption. Referring to positive reforms in the security establishments, he said, “We have a four-year security plan which makes our goals specific and clear.” Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser offered her condolences to the President and people of Afghanistan over terrorist attack on 209 Shaheen military corps. She said that the problem in Afghanistan should be addressed through dialogue and an Afghan-owned peace process. She added that they realize that the Afghan Government has made plenty efforts on ensuring peace and stability and that the return of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar back to normal life is the result of such efforts.