Friday, 7 April 2017

Afghan immigrants have brought to the European Union more than 3 billion dollars during the last 12 months

During last solar year some 65,000 and in the year before 250,000 Afghans, a great number of whom were youths, have fled the country, with each person taking at least 10,000 US dollar with them. Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) says totally 300,000 Afghans, who have taken $ 3.0 billion capital, have left Afghanistan for Europe. Hafiz Miakhel, media advisor to Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, told The Heart of Asia that in 2016 some 61,000 Afghans have immigrated to Europe through illicit ways, and that if the number of those who have fled during the first three months of 2017 was added to that sum, totally 65,000 Afghans have fled the country in 1395, carrying out each capita 10,000 US dollars on average. He said that in 2015, some 250,000 Afghans had left the country for Europe, and therefore, the number of people fled over the past two years was 300,000 and the flown capital hit 3.0 billion US dollars. “All of these people have left Afghanistan through uncontrolled ways. The statistics, we have collected, are those which we have been given by European Countries after Afghan refugees registrations. Perhaps, a number of people will be settling in places, which have not shared any tolls with us”, Miakhel uttered. Addressing a gathering, Khalil Sediq, governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB)—the central bank of Afghanistan—disclosed that those who left Afghanistan for Europe took 10,000 US dollars per capita on average which was termed a major reason for the Afghan currency depreciation. Economics pundits claim if a systemic policy for reverting the refugees were in force in the country, with 3.0 billion US dollars, a half million people could be provided with permanent working opportunities. Muhebullah Sharif, an economics expert, says the money which were taken away by immigrants from Afghanistan, had been collected from the Afghan working market, and it then poured into trafficker’s pockets. This white money were changed into black money with having poured into sources who use it against Afghanistan, Muhebullah deplored, adding: “The money, which were taken away by the fleeing Afghan youths, were earned from three sources: some people sold their lands, others halted their business while some others took as a loan”. He argues that if there had been a regression policy for these youths and capital in Afghanistan, not only the fleeing people would have been provided with working chances, but also two folds of this number would have accessed permanent working opportunities. The figures stated by Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation are not accurate, he believes, but far more than that number of youths have fled the country.

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