Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Afghanistan rises to 57 in Beach Soccer World ranking from previous 108

The Afghanistan National Beach Soccer team has made a considerable gain in the World Ranking of Beach Soccer by climbing 51 points to rise to 57 in the world from its previous ranking of 108. The Afghanistan National Football Federation (AFF) informed regarding the latest ranking of the Beach Soccer ranking. According to AFF, the latest ranking puts Afghanistan ahead of some of the prominent teams, including Demark, Austria, Kuwait, Australia, Canada, and Belgium. The Football Federation further added that the significant rise in the ranking of the Afghan team is mainly due to its performance in Asian Olympics in Vietnam where Afghanistan was placed among the Top 4. Afghanistan is currently securing the 11th position in the world ranking table of the Beach Soccer having 158 points while Iran tops the table by having 1,630 points. In the meantime, Portugal is placed in the top in the World Ranking by Beach Soccer and by having 3,566 points while Russia secures the second spot and Brazil the third spot. Beach Soccer Worldwide said in the construction of the World Ranking, it has taken into account all the panorama of Beach Soccer events and competitions. The basis of the BSWW World Ranking takes into consideration many aspects and factors observed by the FIFA/Coca-Cola Men’s World Ranking. To see the complete ranking criteria, please refer to this document.

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