Thursday, 6 October 2016

At the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan donors pledged over $15 billion aid likely to be spent following the ambiguous US policies in Afghanistan

That awkward moment when 15 billion aid has to be managed by the
most corrupt ministry of one of the most corrupt countries in the world
International donors have pledged 15.2 billion US dollars in aid to help the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan until 2020. More than 70 countries and several International Organizations attended the talks in Brussels, hosted by the European Union. Closing the meeting, the Euro-Commissioner for International Development, Mr Neven Mimica, called the sum "a remarkable, impressive amount". "Now is not the time to reduce our ambition or our investment in the people of Afghanistan,"  Mr Mimica added. The amount pledged is only slightly less than the US$4 billion a year that the international community promised at the last Afghanistan Conference in Tokyo in 2012. Ahead of the meeting, the overseas countries were expected to pledge around US$3 billion in aid a year. Afghanistan will be asked to do more to tackle corruption and to take back tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers. Afghanistan faces a resurgent Taliban and remains reliant on foreign help, 15 years after the US invaded the country. "We're buying four more years for Afghanistan,"  said the EU Special Representative Mr Franz-Michael Mellbin. The President of Afghanistan H.E. Ashraf Ghani told at the conference that Afghanistan is making progress on the economy, corruption and human rights but needs constructive international support to see the changes through. "Afghans can make peace, we will make peace, we are committed to constructive politics, not destructive politics,"  Ashraf Ghani said.
  • The United States of America, represented at the Brussels Conference by the Secretary of State Mr John Kerry, urged the Taliban to make peace with Afghan Governement. Mr Kerry said the militant group should follow the example of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (the Afghan warlord designated a 'global terrorist' by the United States of America), who signed a peace deal with the Afghan President in recent days after many months during which, paradoxically, the Nation represented by Mr Kerry has hampered the signing of the peace deal. "This is a model for what might be possible,"  Mr Kerry added although the US is constantly governed by warmongers and it is perhaps the only country in the world, along with Pakistan, not able or not willing to bring peace to the People of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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