Monday, 26 September 2016

Chabahar Port to be operative soon in order to get rid of Pakistan

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan have stated that Chabahar port would soon be operative and would grow the economy of the countries linked with its route. They have said the regional and neighboring countries investors are willing to invest in Afghanistan but due to no security and complicated laws didn’t dare to do so. Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry AbdulBari Rashid said,” the operations activities are underway, by using that port most of our business problems will be resolved.” Meanwhile Minister of Economy has urged that Afghanistan has huge opportunities for investing, but investors still don’t dare to investing in the war ravaged country. Minister of Economy AbdulSatar Murad said,” there are a lot of opportunities for launching investing in Afghanistan, but there should be some facilities paved to encourage the investors.” However, the Iran President Economy Advisor Akbar Turkan said,” As I saw Afghanistan huge potential for receiving investments in sectors like energy, mines, agricultures and some other trade aspects, both Iran- Afghan businessmen should work together to draw more investments for Afghanistan.” Afghan businessmen have expressed their optimism over the activities of the Chabahar port for boosting the economy and exchanging of commodities between countries in order to get rid of Pakistan pressures.

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