Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Afghan Center of Justice and anti-Corruption started officially working

Afghanistan Attorney General office has announced that the center for justice and anti-corruption officially started working amid the recruiting process of staffs completed, saying huge corrupted cases will be reviewed strictly, and compromise will be made with no one. Meanwhile Attorney General insisted that the results of the corruption cases will be shared with the people. Attorney General Farid Hameed said,” if one can be accused he/she will be behaved respectfully, but the following center has strict authority against any case to act, people can’t wait to see the results to be shared by members of the center, Afghans will witness how the accused people were being trialed.” He went on and said,” The center of justice and anti-corruption started officially working, and will review strictly and precisely the corruption cases, we demand the Afghans to provide supports, we have strong commits, and also the members of the centers are going to pursue the cases considering the justice.” At the end of the inauguration members of the center of justice and anti-corruption took the oath and promised to pursue any cases by considering the justice and laws. Afghanistan is counted as one of the corrupted countries in the world and has gained top position within the corrupted countries list, a question remains that can the following center review the high profile figures corruption cases to ensure justice and judicial?

Reported by Rafi Sediqee