Friday, 8 April 2016

Italy committed to continue long-term partnership with Afghanistan

"In 2016 [we] will also continue to work side-by-side with the United States and the international coalition, hand-in-hand with our Afghan brothers, in order to fight terrorism. […] The Italians make a difference in Afghanistan. Herat is one of the safer areas."  Italian Prime Minister 

1. Italy pledged its support and endorsement for NATO’s Resolute Support mission, including approval of at least 500 Italian troops who will continue to be stationed at the airport in Herat; a decision that will advance the goal of making Herat airport an international hub and new economic zone.

2. Italy will provide finance up to EUR65M for a 75-kilometer railway to connect Herat with Iran’s rail network, a project whose pre-feasibility phase had been completed and needed funding to begin work. Italy will also provide an additional EUR29M to complete construction project of Herat International Airport.

3. Italy will provide finance up to EUR92M for investment in Herat City-Chast e Sharif corridor/road and infrastructures.

4. Italy pledged to facilitate investment by Italian businesses in Afghanistan, particularly in energy sector.

5. Italy and Afghanistan signed a cooperation agreement in the field of culture, science and technology.

On January 2012, in Rome, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Italian Prime Minister signed a long-term bilateral Cooperation and Partnership accord that deals with a broad range of areas including political, security and economic.